Pebble Bitcoin


Pebble 2 e-ink smart watch displaying a Pebble Bitcoin watchface with a QR code pointed to a verified bitcoin address.

Pebble Bitcoin was an online tool for compiling custom Pebble Smart Watchs that held QR codes for Bitcoin addresses. Addresses were validated against the blockchain. Compiling and downloading your cost 0.01btc, which was worth about $1 (USD) at the time. Payments were processed using the Coinbase payment API, which was brand new then.

Getting the Pebble toolchain working in an on-demand demand way was a fun challenge. Watch faces weres in their own right.For security (and limitations of the toolchain) each user got a fully sandboxed build environment, which was destroyed after compilation was complete. Fortunately / unfortunately, smart watches advanced swiftly and after about 6 months this service became moot. Thes were tiny, so I hosted them until Pebble stopped support for the watch. Those were faster and looser times in crypto, so regretably I didn’t archive much of the project.